Ambassador, with these Ferrero blog posts you are really spoiling us!


I know, I know, three blog posts in one day! And what they lack in length and any kind of substance, I feel they more than make up for in my super special ingredient whose nature I’m not allowed to disclose at this point; but which I’m confident you’ve already noticed elevating the overall quality of your life. Yes that was a semi-colon and I will NOT apologise for using it there. Grammar nazis begone – I’ll use it how I damn well pleasey; my blog;;; mine;;;;;; mine;;;;;;;;;:!% mine:;/?^&$££$^*£; MINE.

Don’t worry though, this initial enthusiasm will wear off in approximately 120 seconds and you probably won’t hear from me again for another 6 months, when once again I’ll emerge from my malaise to float farts out into an empty sky, farts that no-one will smell nor care about; apart from that SAME grammar nazi who picked me up on the semi-colon fiasco above, now pontificating with me about my incorrect usage of “nor” just then.

This guy!? He’s bustin my balls.

Whaddam I gonna do wid dis guy?


And in a way we all have our own grammar nazi don’t we. Nah … that’s just not gonna work. Sounded good in my head, sounds like squirrel vomit now.

I wonder if there really are ambassadors’ receptions though. Cos if there are, I suddenly feel overwhelmed with a terrible sadness that I’ve never been invited to one, and likely never will be. Pompous ambassador BASTARDS. Who do they think they are anyway? We should storm their embassies and liberate their luxury Rock Brothers confectionary treats into our sweet-deprived streets. This is probably how all revolutions start – with vapid dolts unwisely given public platforms, rabbiting on about iconic TV adverts and issuing ridiculous calls to action that get horribly misinterpreted.

I don’t even like Ferrero Rocher for fuck’s sake.


6 thoughts on “Ambassador, with these Ferrero blog posts you are really spoiling us!

    1. Only Snickers bars and peanut butter get a free pass around me. Oh and chocolate swastikas and dildos now that I think about it. I choose to avoid those because I think people would get the wrong idea. I may have sunk to a low place BUT I STILL HAVE MY STANDARDS SUSAN!!!
      Thank you for liking my lonely lil old post. You’ve got a kind face.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Damn.
      This constant humiliation.
      It’s too much to bear some days Susan 😦

      But then I see your face and think “NO, I’m going to brush myself off and get up and carry on …. for Susan!!!”


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