Surprise cockfags!


OK one more post before I quit my blogging career forever and leave you all(hi mum) wanting more!

I just wanted to say that this colour scheme was brought to you by:


The painful irony here is that, back in the days of the 10 penny mix at the news agents after school, there were Fizzers and Parma Violets. Fizzers were the original – a heavy weight mainstay of the 70s sweet counter. Then later Parma Violets came poncing along as some kind of misguided fascist misadventure by the same company. They went against the grain of EVERYTHING the 10 penny mix stood for and were clearly destined to be a flash in the pan, laughed out of sweetshops up and down the country like the atrocious idea they were. But of course, like every horse race I’ve ever bet on, it went the other way and they took off like heroin; eclipsing poor Fizzers in their behemoth shadow. Fizzers were like a rainbow explosion of colours and flavours – adventurous, inclusive, a message of hope for the future. While Parma Violets were a morbid gothic totalitarian affair. With sinister perfumed overtones of purple supremacy. Suffice to say I loved Fizzers and loathed Parma Violets.

So it’s a cruel twist(!) that I should now base my blog’s colour scheme on the so-called sweet that murdered my childhood. I suspect that somewhere in the labyrinthine depths of this bitter paradox , lies the key to my entire life.


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