Thought it was about time you met the dude responsible for getting me writing poetry(GET HIM!!!). I was blown away by this when I first saw it a couple of years ago and it prompted me to try and write something about OCD:

It’s kind of a beat poetry/open mic deal. What I love about it is it’s got all the power, cadence and attitude I always loved about rap, but minus the toxic done-to-death tropes of bitches, drugs, gangs, guns, and creepy children’s dinosaur teachers. Oh you don’t believe me? He he he he …

And while I’m here I’m going to ram my In-Q inspired poem down your throats because I’m evil and I feel like an OG after listening to Barney and friends:

Oppressive Convulsive Debaucher

I set myself a million tests a day.
Good news – I passed them all today. Hurray!
I have to though cos failing
means my opposites prevailing,
like I wanna fuck The Devil or I’m gay.

But none of them can know about my secret skill,
to see the hidden links and bend them to my will.
And little do they know
that when I switch out of their flow,
it’s demons who would harm us that I kill.

Things they dismiss as disconnected,
we with the gift see intersected.
God forbid anyone imply
that we try to walk on by,
leaving the unacceptable uncorrected.
Then all the wrong things get infected.
Like extra verses where they don’t belong!
Curses invoked by thinking something wrong.
A word planted by The Devil in a song,
to trip us up and show us that we were what we feared all along.

It’s all lies and I can see that clearly now.
Just got to make it stick this time and not allow
my mind to shake up like an etch-a-sketch.
But when I go back later to check I betcha
it’ll all be washed away again somehow.
It always is.
Same old doubts fizz through my walls
to kick me squarely in the balls,
and leave me back at square one.
All my new resolve gone.
I need a rest before I can carry on this time.


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