Urge for Going

Apart from how Joni NAILS the song on live TV, what gets me every time I watch this is the distressed series of expressions that unfold on the face of the guy sat to the right of her(hat and glasses).


I think his inner monologue might’ve gone something like this:



What the HELL is THIS SHIT?

How is she even making that sound on her own?

Oh this is just embarrassing now.

And she WROTE this as well?


She’s making us look like a bunch of jackasses out here.

How the fuck are we supposed to compete with that?

The voice, the looks, the song, the guitar.

What’s next? Loaves and fishes?

Juggling flaming clubs and riding a unicycle round on the CEILING!?

Oh just look at them all – they’re fuckin LOVING this.

God damn! I was so pleased with that last number and five seconds later she’s made us look like a bunch of retarded scouts singin Kum Baya.


I wouldn’t have come tonight if I’d known this shit was goin down.

Oh lord. That’s my music career over, I swear to God.

Aint getting invited back on this show. Nah ah. Not gonna happen.

This time next year I’ll be heaving groceries in the Five and Dime, and this song’ll come on the damn radio to remind me of the night my music career ended.

I really wish I hadn’t worn this stupid hat now.


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