Cecilia and Her Selfhood

Here’s a very cool song that another cool friend – from America this time – sent me a while back and it made a big impression.

When I first heard it, I kept relistening to the words, trying to understand what it was about. I often struggle with metaphop – SEE!?

Anyway I eventually gave up and recoiled into my burrow with my tail between my legs. I don’t really have a tail. I wish I did – I’d trot into town and wow all of the ladies who’d want to stroke it. But I wouldn’t let them. I’d scurry away sideways chuckling and saying “OOH LAAA DEE DAAAAAA!”.

Sorry the post is getting away from me for a nice change. We both know it’s your fault though.

Apology accepted.

So I couldn’t figure out what I thought this song was about, and then I read a comment that made a light bulb illuminate in my metaphop centre. This cool customer on Youtube said maybe it’s about mental illness; the perception of an outside interloping force trying to twist and sabotage so you feel compelled to dig in and defend against it – to kill it till it’s dead. But the cruel reality is there is no outside attacking side, it’s all you. You’re boxing shadows and unwittingly making the problem worse. And then I realised it really fits OCD well. So I’m dead curious what the writer had in mind when they wrote it.

Either way I love the song and the video.

If you have any alternative ideas on what it might be about, then by all means feel free to send me £1000 and some chocolate.

Sorry for the conspicuous lack of nob gags in this post. I’ve brought great shame on my family this day.

Rest assured I’ll redouble my efforts next post!


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