Withnail and I

Despite being bludgeoned to death by over-zealous students(read soulless wankers) in the 90s, this film has somehow stood the test of time. I carefully brought it out of cryo-sleep a few years back when I noticed the wanker counter reading had finally dropped beneath danger levels. I’ve watched it a few times since; not meaning to watch it that much but it just keeps dragging me back somehow.

There’s very few films that dare to try blending the stark comedy of desperation with bitter sorrow. Absolutely superb writing in my apple crumble opinion and a damn shame it got so popular in that naff rammed-down-your-throat-every-time-you-set-foot-in-the-pub way.

It always cheers me up and depresses the fuck out of me in equal measures but the overall experience is somehow a purgative one nonetheless. Oh seriously what the royal fuck am I even talking about? Are you buying any of this shit? I had myself going there for a while but I couldn’t sustain it till the end of the paragraph. Fuck my life.

It’s a good film anyway OK? If you haven’t seen it – sort it out you MUG!



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