You’re Welcome

Returning from a vulgar pause,

I said my mind is not like yours!

It creeps up on me by surprise,

a wolf inside a lamb disguise.


The gifts it gives me to unwrap,

turn into vipers in my lap.

I’m cornered with no place to hide,

where fear and bad ideas collide.


The thing that we discussed before,

just doesn’t matter any more.

I shut the door and locked you out,

it’s intimate, this dance with doubt.


I’d tell you if I thought I could

come close to being understood,

but where I go is not for you,

you lack the lens to view it through.


Take solace when I drift away,

that I keep hidden hags at bay,

who’d seek to weave their wicked spell,

and send you unbeknownst to hell.


So pull your face and do your worst,

reactions that are well rehearsed.

Just know before you lay your blame,

that I slay demons in your name.



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