I first came across this song while watching Taken – NO not the bafflingly popular Liam Neeson film about a geriatric man taking down a bunch of inept clown kidnappers – but the hit-and-miss 2002 Spielberg series about UFO abduction. That series started out so strong and then came off the rails for my money. If only they’d just carried it on in the same vein it started out …. ah Spielberg, how’d you expect to become a successful cinema director if ….. what’s that you say? Two Oscars? Five nominations? Well yeah, that was just luck that was. Never mind. It doesn’t really work when you keep interrupting like this. Put the bat down Wendy.

Anyway in Taken, this song was used to powerful tongue-in-cheek effect as wicked Colonel Crawford writhed in pain on the patio while his son just looked on, enjoying every moment. “It’s a hand me down …”:

Got to say I never really got what the big deal was about The Grateful Dead. I checked their music out way back and really wanted to like them cos all the hippies and the hepcats seemed to. But it just didn’t ding my dong and I wondered how come they were so popular. From what I’ve gathered since though, it’s all about the live gigs. Acid on tap, and a groovy loved-up atmosphere. Let’s face it, that kind of gig sells itself.

Anyway whatever – I love this particular song. As is my wont, I’ve tried to work out what it’s about, but I always end up crawling away scared and confused.

In the extremely unlikely event of a hippie hit squad busting down my door and demanding that I explain what the song’s about at gunpoint; I reckon I’d say it’s something to do with the spark of creativity and the precarious art of sharing it. Then mid sentence, I’d distract the hippies with my false teeth, and batter them to death with my walking stick, Liam Neeson stylee.

Anyway fuck it dude – it’s a great song – let’s go bowling.


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