Rainbow Dancer

The rainbow dancer pirouettes,
along life’s unlit road,
she dances on and never gets,
caught underneath the load.

She passes all the broken ones,
left breathless at the side,
they ran too many marathons,
and carried too much pride.

The dancer doesn’t run the race,
she waltzes in the flow,
she moves along with silken grace,
and let’s the darkness go.

The others sneer and call her names,
they say she’s soft and weak,
they’re jealous of the way she tames,
the freedom that they seek.

They want her in their running race,
or want her out the way,
before the others drop the pace,
and copy her ballet.

The rainbow dancer leaps and twirls,
in pretty velvet shoes,
to show the other boys and girls,
that they’re all free to choose.


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