Team Building Exercise Ninety-Niii-iii-iiine!

If you never saw Flight of the Conchords, it was an HBO comedy that ran for two series  from 2007-2009. It followed a two-man band from New Zealand who tried to make it in New York.

As with most comedy, I found it a bit hit-and-miss(especially the 2nd series) but overall I loved it. Some of the songs were exquisite. The performance really makes it though. To be fair, these guys could probably read out the phone book and I’d find it hysterical. But the songs are funny and clever on top so it’s a veritable chuckle-ganza.

Oh crap – I went and built it up too much. OK so that was all just a big joke and they’re actually rubbish and the songs smell.

There – balance redressed.

Anyway I thought I’d just share two of their romantic songs with ya as I found my way back to one of them tonight and that naturally led me to the other one. They both get 10 out of 10 from this Cheshire cat …

1) If You’re Into It:

2) Business Time:

Now if you didn’t laugh, then I’m sorry, but you have no soul.

Sorry – I don’t make the rules 😦


p.s. I’m not from Cheshire

p.p.s. I am a cat though


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