Waiting for My Real Life to Begin / Wise Up

Time for another song that resonates.

Fans of Scrubs may recognise it. I loved the bejesus out of that show by the way – I bought the first six series on DVD. But unfortunately it started to trigger my OCD rather badly, and I had to very reluctantly shitcan it. So I missed the last three series. I was so gutted by that. Perhaps a little insight into the unpetitionable potency of OCD there for the uninitiated.

It’s one of those songs that invokes a strange kind of dissonance in me. It resonates with whatever sadness and despair moved me to play it, but somehow, the listening unwittingly drains the wounds a little, and leaves me in slightly better shape to carry on.

There’s a few songs like this. I listen to the really bleak songs(Radiohead, Joy Division, The Spice Girls) when I’m in a malaise, but I reach for these when I’m proper hurting inside and need to get myself unstuck.

This one’s a beauty.

Colin Hay – Waiting for My Real Life to Begin:


I was originally only intending on posting the one song here but while I was writing all that, another song occurred to me which ticks that same dissonance box.

I first came across it in the film Magnolia, where it’s used to powerful effect. Such a great film if you haven’t seen it, and Aimee Mann’s gothic lullaby soundtrack really gilds the edges nicely.

Moreover it’s a song whose lyrics unwittingly fit OCD like a glove. Well two gloves really: a boxing glove that punches below the belt to get your attention, and a silk glove that strokes you better afterwards.

As such, it tends to make my eyes leak somewhat. But yknow, in a good way, like I said.

Seeing old Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn’t help in that endeavour either. Sheesh but that boy could act. What a shame.

Anyway, enough of my meandering twatfrippery. Voilà:

Aimee Mann – Wise Up:







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