Distress Signal


I just sent out an SOS,

to higher life forms up in space,

in hope that they will see this mess,

and choose to save the human race.


I wrote how it’s gone wrong down here,

how Earth is trapped in slavery,

how leaders lead with lies and fear,

and practise the unsavoury.


I told them we make lovely tools,

like bicycles and kitchen scales,

but even so, we’re bloody fools,

who still believe in fairy tales.


I said that we hoard rubbish here,

we’re measured by how much we own,

rewarded when we’re insincere,

and punished when compassion’s shown.


I told them it’s a pyramid,

where drones below feed banks on top,

who rain down lies and fear amid

their ranks, so they’re too scared to stop.


I warned them that they might get hurt,

that we’re quite numb to violence now,

that we’ll put nukes on red alert,

if someone spooks the sacred cow.


I hope they get my signal soon

and they can aid us in our plight

I’ll shine my torch towards the moon

to guide them if they come tonight.




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