The Pasley with the Chazzle

My, my, you’d think this month was NaBloWriMo wouldn’t you.

Either you’ll get that or you just won’t! Like a magic eye picture. I had to sell my soul at the crossroads to see those damn things. Haven’t been able to uncross my eyes since.

And I could explan it but where’s the fun in that eh? EH???

That’s right.

Tickle tickle tickle!?

Oh lord I stumbled and went way off topic at the first fence. Honestly I don’t know why you people bother! (a lone tumbleweed stops in its tracks and utters “is that weird old asshole talking to me?”)

Yeah yeah yeah, say what you want cynical little tumbleweed – I know there are legion Fremen warriors amassing in secret desert hideouts all over Arrakis reading this blog.

Again with the esoteric references? I’m on FIRE tonight! If “on fire” means  writing a shit blog post!

Well this is going well.

I’m too far into it now. I’ve got to see it through. No-one gets out alive until we reach the end. Don’t make me take off my sunglasses.

Right now we have the me-talking-absolute-bollocks section of the post put to bed, I can get on and talk about what I originally came here to talk about. Christ this is exhausting …

When I was a kid we moved somewhere without other kids. My time was pretty much split between climbing trees in the field, playing with my cat, playing with Lego and watching TV. Daytime TV in 70s England consisted largely of old films, acid trip inspired kids’ TV shows with hidden nob gags littered throughout them, and evil hippies teaching boring subjects. No-one knew why.


The highlight for me was when they put a funny film or a musical on. I loved Laurel and Hardy, Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds and Danny Kaye. Or just anything with Ray Harryhausen animation in it.

You’d end up rewatching the same films several times but you wouldn’t mind. This was a time before videos, game consoles, internet. You took what you got or you went and did something else. And as we all know, books smell when you’re seven years old.

Well I don’t know how many times I saw the following clip but I never tired of it and it makes me smile ear to ear just seeing it again. I don’t know what it is about Danny Kaye but he was such a good protaganist in a family comedy film. He had it all – he could make you laugh and cry, he could sing and dance, he could do vaudeville slapstick, and apparently he could do tongue twisters as well. I loved him to pieces when I was a kid.

So many Danny Kaye clips I could share with you, but this is my all time favourite from The Court Jester – it’s split into two parts:





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