Push It Out

I just got back from fighting off the latest pile of marauding dirty dish banditos. Every night they come for me, from their secret hideout in the Arizona desert. Every night I fight them off. They never make any demands. They just seem to have a seething hatred for me and want me dead. I won tonight, but honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can carry on fighting them off.  I may surrender tomorrow and see what happens.

Anyway, an epic battle requires epic songs and tonight I listened to so many good ones I wanted to come here and share them all with you. But I’m also aware that the fair folk of the blogosphere are wary creatures who will likely get spooked and scurry off into their burrows if I list all of the songs. So I decided just to leave you with this little beauty.

It’s such a shame The Beta Band split in ’04. They put out so many great tracks.

I dunno if this one’s my favourite but it’s right up there. It’s a hell of a good one to listen to whether you’re pissed off, shat on, broke up, beat down, done in, or worn out.

Their sound is very mellow by default, but this song is positively chillgasmic. The combination of the lyrics, the soothing music, and the building repetition has a very cathartic effect to my mind.

It may also help with consitpation, but I can’t offer any guarantees about that obviously.

Anyway don’t take my word for it – here’s The Beta Band with Push It Out:



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