We’re tamed and trained to be these ways,
to fester in our future days,
to problem-solve and calculate,
our lifeblood to coagulate.

The traitors trick us from the start,
condemned for living in our heart,
we learn to put our joy to bed,
and end up in our head instead.

Divided and bereft of trust,
we aim for love but land in lust,
recoiling from the human touch,
afraid we’re ill and love too much.

We close the door and live alone,
scant solace in the things we own,
the addled mind erupts in doubt,
we wonder what it’s all about.

They say we’re special when we’re born,
the farmers just see ears of corn,
a crop that money passes through,
the harvest makes their wealth accrue.

Indentured children of mankind,
our birthright stripped and left behind,
we’re sent to asleep with fairy tales,
then threshed and tethered into bails.


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