Medieval Times – Europe on a Silver Platter

I would seriously recommend taking eleven minutes out of your day to get clued up on what TTIP(and its siblings TPP and TISA) mean to ordinary people.

It staggers me how ignorant we are here(in England) about a massive change that’s been happening right under our noses. A change which will deliver a phenomenal amount of power into the hands of foreign corporations and pharmaceutical companies. A change which will reshape all our lives for the foreseeable future. And not in any way for the better as far as I can see.

I blame our sedated oblivion on an impotent news media which has ceased to function in any kind of journalistic fashion, and instead serves merely as a highly filtered mouthpiece for bankers to control public opinion.

This was never more apparent than during the recent “Brexit” debacle***. I have never seen such a one-sided media whitewash in my life. I suspect TTIP had a lot to do with this, as it did with Obama’s special intervention in a matter which, on paper, ought not to have concerned him. But when you find out what TTIP really is, it’s obvious why he made the trip.

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*** I despise this term, no doubt coined by media marketing scumbags, and only use it because most people know what it refers to by now.


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