Let’s have a massive party,

to celebrate our greed,

worst aspects of humanity,

our enemies indeed.


Who’s the fastest?

Who’s the strongest?

In gymnastics,

who lasts longest?


Who got the gold?

And silver too?

When I am old,

that’s what I’ll do!


Forget the bronze,

they’re worse than poo.


No-one wants those ones.


Who’s the best?

Who’s keeping score?

Let’s teach the rest,

the best get MORE.


Such arbitrary nonsense,

which is constantly in flux.

I cannot in good conscience,

give these games two flying fucks.


Hey –  they sell Coca Cola,

and it’s only fifteen bucks!?


I know it wouldn’t happen,

but just hear out my idea:

what if we broke the pattern,

and we cancelled it this year?

Diverted what we would’ve spent,

and gave it to the poor?

Just think of what it would’ve meant,

to those it should be for.


Competing is a luxury,

for those who want no more.

Until such want is history,

make games against the law.



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