I’m really not a fan of the olympics.

But having done a little rowing, I’ve got to tip my hat to all the British rowers who outdid themselves over the last couple of days.

Well done chaps and chapesses:


Feather forward down on oar,

breathing in along the slide,

move as one although we’re four,

making sure we don’t collide.


Dip the blade into the drink,

pull and feel the water’s drag,

let it float, don’t let it sink,

God forbid you catch a crab.


First your legs and then your waist,

then your arms into your chest,

up with speed and down with haste,

breathe out ready for a rest.


All the way back down the slide,

set it up just like before,

four as one and on we glide,

feather forward down on oar.


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