Blind Eyes

Blind eyes,



No witness to the

poison children,

slinging mud pies

from a safe distance,

parroting embittered lies

instilled by shit people,







It’s just an excuse

to get the boot in,

dressed up as payback,

for something someone told them happened once,

but it wasn’t even done to them,

and it wasn’t even done by those they’re paying back,

and maybe it wasn’t even done at all?


It’s just an excuse

to damage someone,

because they’re scared and angry inside.


They competed in the playground

but came off worse,

wretched revelations

born in the downslide.


But, but, but, they’re special?

they’re winners?

they’re Batman?

they’re Wonderwoman?

So that can’t be how it plays out?

It must be someone’s fault!


It’s just an excuse

for weak-minded conduits

of a river of puke,

that’s been drowning

love and possibility,

and holding back mankind,

for too long.


In a world so far gone

that hate has become currency,

a billion blind eyes

enable wrong.


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