Trained to live by tit-for-tat,

you did this so I’ll do that.

like a moth around a flame,

lured into another game.


When the wrong won’t see you’re right,

back it up with mind and might.

Once their precious king is checked,

they can’t say you’re incorrect.


Thinking thirteen moves ahead,

live or die by where you tread.

Fake a face to hide a play,

takes them by surprise that way.


Misdirect with faint and bluff.

open up their flanks enough,

then you thrust the blade inside,

twist it good to hurt their pride.


Taking time to lick your wounds,

learn some brand new battle tunes.

Plaintives with too much to prove,

trapped inside the latest move.


Locking horns in darkened rooms,

blind to what the game consumes.

Gone too far to let it go,

got to land a knock-out blow.


Can’t remember any more,

what we’re even playing for,

making moves we can’t afford,

captives of a chequered board.




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