Dish Cloth DJ

I really can’t be arsed writing a long story to go with each song tonight so I’m just gonna list a few cool songs I listened to while doing the washing up, with a micro story for each. I know you don’t care, but please understand that this just spurs me on all the more …


The End – The Doors

A hotel room in Saigon, 1971. Everyone gets everything he wants. I wanted a mission, and for my sins, they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service. It was a real choice mission, and when it was over, I never wanted another.

No wait, sorry, that’s not my story at all, that’s the script from Apocalypse Now!

… which is the film I first heard this darkly beautiful song in. Hard to beat that intro with this song and the trees going up in smoke. The Doors were so good at painting you a storybook in a song. The End, Riders on the Storm, End of the Night, The Crystal Ship, Not to Touch the Earth, these songs take me somewhere else. But none of them like this one. It’s possibly the darkest song I’ve ever heard. It makes Paint It Black look like a children’s lullaby.


It’s Probably Me – Sting/Clapton

This is a sad song for me. It came around at a very lonely time in my life and the lyrics seemed incredibly apt. I’ve learned to view it through a new lens since discovering I’ve got OCD. And that’s kind of hard to explain. Just take my word for it. It’s a great song though.


It’s a Motherfucker – Eels

Ah what a great song this is. Nothing specific here but yeah, every break up I ever had I guess.


Kansas – Dust in the Wind

I think this song is considered a major cliché or something , but every single time I listen to it I am taken aback by its beauty. Unless I’m mistaken it was featured in a made-for-TV film I remember watching in the mid 90s about a straight-laced kid who gets in with the wrong guy and goes off the rails, ultimately murdering his parents. I think that’s when I first heard it, watching that movie late one night after a long run in the rain.


Close To Me – The Cure

Summer 1988 – I worked for six weeks in a soils lab(a place they took soil samples from potential building sites and performed a series of tests on them). I was so thrilled getting my pay every weekend and going into town and blowing it on aftershave, tennis rackets, records and bad jumpers. In retrospect those fuckers were skinning me alive paying me below minimum wage!

Anyway, there was one cool guy there, a geology student from Warwick uni. He talked to me like a person instead of an asshole which is pretty much how everyone else talked to me there. So I liked him. Hell he even took me for a beer one day. No-one took me for a beer before that. I loved that but was off my FACE that afternoon. Anyway he was a Goth and I distinctly remember him playing this song on a cassette player he used to bring to work. It’s always been a favourite since.


Our House – Madness

Urgh, what to say. This one always reminds me of my old friend Rob. He was a real 70s fire starting anarchist. The cool kid my mum and dad really didn’t want me hanging out with at school. So of course I hung out with him all the more. Fights, trouble, visits to the headmaster, police sirens. What are friends for. Anyway something about this song sums up the whole zeitgeist of that time and that kid. Sadly he’s no longer with us. Like a true rock and roll hero he died in a motorbike accident at that spooky age of 27. He crammed a lot in. I think about him now and then, about camping out in eachother’s back gardens and talking about girls, getting up and weeing in the flower bed. Neighbours complaining the next day cos all they could hear all night was high-pitched giggling.

(OK these micro stories are already much longer than anticipated. I have a problem keeping things short clearly. Apart from sex … … … … …  I’ve said too much)


Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits

My first real crush – Lourdes – a French exchange student I met at some church barbecue I was dragged along to. My God she was so pretty. I did not know what the hell to do with that set of feelings. It intrigued me and scared the living shit out of me at the same time. Alas she was staying with some smelly mutant kid who seemed intent on keeping us apart for the remaining two days of her stay, and tragically I lacked the smarts to work out a way around that obstacle. Ouch. She was so lovely. I really wanted to see her again. I know she liked me too from her eyes.

Anyway this song was kind of the sound track to that for me. I believed in things like fate back then and always thought our paths would cross again. What was it Sarah Connor said about fate again? “There is no fate but that which we make”. Something like that. Man I need to do a post about that film cos it was sooooooo good. I dye grass! Clearly I need to send a Terminator back in time to slap my face and tell me to go find her, and another one to go kill that smelly mutant cock-block kid.

I lack the technological know-how though so I’ll just listen to this and mope instead.

Viene una tormenta!


Connection – Elastica

No story for this one.  It’s OK, the disappointment will heal with time.

It’s just a kick ass song from the 90s! Probably part of that whole era that marketing whores tried to brand as “Britpop” to get Evil Tony Blair elected. Shame cos there was some good music in there but they tainted it with their rancid tentacles of doom.

See even when there’s no story, there’s a story. IT’S A DISEASE (help me!).


Wild World – Cat Stevens

The whole Yusuf Islam can of worms aside, before this singer-songwriter went BATSHIT CRAZY, he wrote some great songs. My favourites are this one, Trouble, If you Want to Sing Out, and Oh Very Young.

And there is a bit of a story to this one. But for once, this story is just for me, sorry 😉




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