New Day

New day!
New lump of clay,
new chance to make it bend my way.

New day.
New dues to pay,
new consequences to delay.

New day!
New deck to play,
new chances come to join the fray.

New day.
New brain decay,
new bad ideas to disobey.

New day!
New ocean spray,
new gifts await the castaway.

New day.
New doubts to slay,
new ways to keep the wolves at bay.

New day!
New eggs to lay,
new babies hatching in the hay.

New day.
New disarray,
new strength to keep on come what may.

New day!
New things to say,
new words and pictures on display.

New day.
New thoughts astray,
new mind gymnastics and ballet.

New day!
New hope holds sway,
new feeling it’ll be OK.


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