None So Blind

Some people are afraid,
of ever seeming in the wrong.
They languish in the shade,
where rhyme and reason don’t belong.

They like to have their views,
fed from a governmental spoon.
Sat gobbling up the news,
all morning and all afternoon.

They never learned the game,
that those in power always play:
create a thing to blame,
then charge to make it go away.

Their eyes are on the cups,
cos they’re not willing to believe,
that leadership corrupts,
and all the time it’s up his sleeve.

They never want to know,
they’re happy living in the dark.
Where there’s a line to toe,
they’re first to go and take their mark.

Cos they can’t stand the thought,
of rubbing up against the grain.
A vote so cheaply bought,
when education was in vain.


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