My dearest one that got away,

I thought of you again today.

I know I shouldn’t,

but I couldn’t,

help the pictures on display.


It’s like a wound I won’t let heal,

a self-perpetuating deal.

I have no choice,

I hear your voice,

and love the way it makes me feel.


Despite delusional reports,

I know I’m clinging to a corpse.

I know you’re gone,

that you’ve moved on,

and these are stupid toxic thoughts.


Indulging fantasy charades,

a bag of heartache’s on the cards.

Our dream was dashed,

the diamond smashed,

it cuts me clinging to the shards.


So hard to willfully forget,

the sweetest girl I ever met.

A wicked theft,

and all that’s left,

are smashed mementos and regret.



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