If You Could Read My Mind

I love this song. It always reminds me of a bunch of pals I had in the 6th form at school in 1989/90. It wasn’t the happiest time in my life by a long shot, but those guys really helped brighten up the corners.

We had free periods in between lessons and we were meant to hang around the common room to study and wot not. I reckon that lasted about a week before we deviated from the programme. Some of the guys had learned to drive and had cars with them – a classic Mini, a Ford Escort Mk.2, and a Citroën 2CV. My God those guys drove like animals now I think about it. They were great guys though. A lot of laughs. I wonder about them now and then, where they ended up, what they’re doing. I never had such good friends again. Friends came in flying visits after that, too slippery or treacherous to hold onto for long.

So we’d usually take off in someone’s car and blasting out of the radio would be Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Radio 1. That show felt really ground breaking at the time but in retrospect I suspect it was just a British spin on The Howard Stern Show which was all but unknown here back then. But whatever man, it was a lot of fun. Steve was a great DJ, he had a funny entourage in the studio including Phil Cornwell who did the best impressions of Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Bowie and probably more I can’t even remember now. They had some great features too like Mr. Spoons, inviting people to write in and single dimwitted friends or colleagues out.

We’d usually end up in a pub or park or both. One particular place was just heaven – this great pub in a big park, always empty that time of day so you could get a beer and go on the machines without a wait. Right next to it was a lake where we’d sometimes have a swim. Or we’d just have a kick around or throw a frisbee in the park. Didn’t seem like much at the time but it seems like everything now. Cos there’s literally nothing like that in life now.

Freedom, independence, a cold glass of beer in the sunshine and a lot of laughs.

I miss those guys.

Steve used to play this song a hell of a lot so for me it’s become synonymous with those little daytime excursions:


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