The night sky is a museum.

It takes 2.5 million years for light to reach us from our nearest major galaxy, Andromeda.

So every time you look up at Andromeda, you’re looking at 2.5 million year-old photographs of it.

There are 10 such galaxies out there in the known universe for each human being alive on Earth.



Lying looking at the stars,

catching photons as they fly,

watching fireflies caught in jars,

left to dangle in the sky.


Ancient photos someone hung,

candles lit to mourn our plight,

giant lights we walk among,

next to them our tenure’s slight.


Hypnotised by games of greed,

looking down instead of up,

bleeding dry the womb we need,

hemlock in our baby cup.


Human nature is our curse,

guarantees we cannot last,

we could touch the universe,

it’s just us we can’t get past.


Bet there’s others looking out,

putting wonder into rhyme,

bet they look and think about,

who is looking back in time.




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