Can I Get a Witness???

Can I get a Witness?

Has the human race finally strayed beyond redemption?

Has the whole world gone to S H I T ?

Feast your eyes over this horror show and call me a liar.

What the unholy backflipping Donald Duck is happening here?

A handsome weeping boy playing sad clips and wiping tears away???????




I want to tie that handsome weeping boy up with barbed wire, torture him, then go back in time and play clips of it back to him, then when he cries, put him to sleep with chloroform, and repeat the whole process, until this desecration is redressed.

Of course I don’t really want to do any of that cos I’m not really a psychopath. But I do really want to tear this monstrous surrogate for emotional connection down and exile it to the bowels of Hell where it belongs.

Jesus Henry Christ! Isn’t it about time we held our hands up in the air and collectively acknowledged that the whole progress-money-consumption experiment has gone somewhat awry? That we have been contorted beyond all reasonable limits to bend to the will of the machine? That we’re broken in such wretched anti-human ways, that surely it completely defeats the original purpose anyway?

Wipe my hairy arse handsome weeping boy!

And while you’re all recoiling from the horror of that last statement, perhaps I could interest you in the musical stylings of the inimitable original handsome boy(hold the weeping), Mr. Marvin Pentz Gay Junior:


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