Dish Cloth DJ #2

I see my blog’s musical recommendations did not get so much as a mention on the MTV Music Awards earlier. Their naked insolence has been duly noted. There’s only one thing for it: I will redouble my efforts until they see sense.

While protecting Christendom from the vile unwashed hordes of heathen plates and pans earlier, I listened to some rockin’ good music to keep me sane. Here is but a selection for your aural pleasure(don’t get any ideas you!):

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

A rousing anthem for stoic losers and compromise spinners everywhere. I am proud to count myself among their numbers. Well proud is a strong word.  I’m one of them anyway.

It also featured in a film that seemed really cool when I was a kid – The Big Chill. I’ve been meaning to rewatch that film for roughly 30 years now. I’d better get and cross that off the list.

Golden Years – David Bowie

I love the rhythm and melody of this song, even though, honestly, I haven’t got a god damn clue what the hell it’s about. Maybe about enjoying the best years of your life? I realise now that I’ve been blindly singing along with it all these years without having the faintest idea what the bloody hell it’s even about. I feel so foolish.

I also remember it being used for a Steven King mini-series of the same name in the 90s.

A Town Called Malice – The Jam

Pfffff. What can you say. I guess people associate this with Billy Elliot now but it’s one of the songs I grew up with, never really knowing what it was about. But in part it was holding a mirror up to the effects of Thatcherism on the working classes, and in part about the hard realities that have always and will always define poverty.

Along with That’s Entertainment, it’s the best Jam song and even though it was used to good effect in Billy Elliot, I think it’s a shame that’s the only lens people get to view it through now. For me it reminds me of 10-year-old boys in Lonsdale tops and Adidas kicks hanging off wall bars at the youth club disco, trying hard to act cool but too shit scared to dance with the girls … and so very much more. But definitely not ballet dancing in Newcastle.

It’s a powerful song any way you cut it.

The Kinks – Powerman

Such a great band. So many great songs. Urgh – that would need a whole blog post. I dunno if they’re the best British band ever(wah wah wah The Beatles, wah wah wah The Stones, bla bla bloody bla) but they never get the recognition they deserve. I like a lot of Kinks songs.

I love Wes Andersen films anyway but his taste in music is absolutely impeccable; and he keeps using Kinks songs god bless him. This one was in a great scene in The Darjeeling Limited, which was a hit-and-miss movie for me but it had some very memorable scenes and that was one of them.

Again a song redefined for new generations through celluloid. Perhaps better that than they never hear it at all? I think so. I know I’ve discovered songs I was previously unaware of in films, cos I watch a lot of films and I never listen to the radio!

A kid had made his own tongue-in-cheek video for this song and I used to watch it on Youtube. It mainly involved him doing tricks on a BMX, walking around like the Fonz, and stealing some other kid’s girlfriend right under this nose, only to then rip up her phone number in front of her and strut off. That video rocked but alas it seems to have been deleted – otherwise I’d have posted that here instead.

Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

I wonder how a song like this scans with kids today. I’m sad for them that they can’t see the video back when it came out because of the epic impact it had then.

It’s got one of the best intros in song history. It’s got Sting doing backing vocals. It’s got badly pixelated workmen moving TVs. What more can you ask for?


Van Morrison – Into the Mystic

Cognitive dissonance abounds.

Happy memories of driving through country lanes in better days to see a girl I loved. Simultaneous pain that she is gone forever and all I have are the damn memories now. But I’m not ready to give them up just yet.

All that notwithstanding, it’s just a great mellow song in its own right.

That’s enough songs for one night.

And if you liked that, here’s the original Dish Cloth DJ post that created hullabaloo in Hollywood.


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