Poison Chalice


Man – it’s so damn nice to feel right

and to feel someone else is wrong.


Gives you the confidence you wouldn’t normally have

to get up in their face and unload on them.

Beat them down until they submit to your will

or make them hurt if they won’t.

For once you’re the one dishing it out

and it’s OK because you’re in the right.


But surely by now we know

the universe doesn’t do black and white.

Just liquid greys in constant flux.


So for the love of God or Buddha or Allah or Aladdin or Light or Life or nothing,

or whatever tickles your fantasy,

tell me please:


How right do you think you are?


Give me a percentage.

Ball park figure.

Best guess.


Then tell me how sure you are that you are that right.

Are you being completely honest with yourself?

More than 50%?



Do you even know the answer to that?

Take as much time as you need.


Then how about let’s all calm down

and climb down off our high horses

and take the crazed expressions off our faces

and the broken shards out of our hearts

and back away into a big circle holding hands

until every last man and woman understands

that we’re all wrong about everything and always will be.



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