For a Dancer

If you don’t find this song sad, then you have no soul.

And if that’s the case I’m going to have to kindly ask you to leave the premises and never return.

Sorry but I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Don’t make me take off the sunglasses now.


8 thoughts on “For a Dancer

    1. You know, that is a very smart move. I find crying very cathartic. It can feel painful at the time, but afterwards I feel purged somehow.
      Years ago when I was used as a pharmaceutical guinea pig by incompetent maniacs, I temporarily lost the ability to cry for a few years. And it’s not like I went around crying all the time before that, but the times I normally would’ve cried, there was just nothing there. Just numb. There’s something really disturbing about that. I thought it would never come back but thankfully it did a while after stopping the pills. I should start my own playlist I think.

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      1. Really? Wow. I could say the same about my parents. I didn’t cry for most of my life; barely cried at my brother’s funeral, in fact I don’t recall if I did. I found it easier to cry for others than for myself than for myself, always. I grew up not allowed to show emotions so I guess I was conditioned to not show them, and then when he died, I just put my head down, and dissociated from any emotion just to get through life and get on with it, because I needed to, and now BAM it’s hit me and emotions are coming out and I literally can’t even tell what emotion it is I’m feel at what time, but sometimes, I need a good purge of sadness; a good purge of “I miss you” emotions if that makes, and I have made a playlist that evokes just that. Gets me every time. You are the perfect guy to make a playlist. You seem to have such a vast knowledge of music. DO IT!

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        1. Ah thank you for saying that!. Not really though, I don’t know that much about music really, but I like what I like! I’m still finding new stuff now and I think “How’d I miss that all this time?”.
          I do love music. It can inspire you, lift you, resonate with sadness. Very potent thing. Being strange, I had to stop listenjing to music with words in it for some years so I guess I’m making up for lost time.
          That’s bloody terrible about the emotional embargo your parents put you through. What a thing to do to kids. So wrong. I think it’s great that you are trying to address that now and I think this playlist idea is great. If I started making a playlist I’d probably never bloomin stop!!! Actually I speak from experience. I tried a couple of best of lists and they got way out of hand. You’ve planted the seed in my head though so who knows !!?$

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