Three men …

Three men walk into a blog: an Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman.

The Irishman’s just about to open his mouth and say something absolutely hilarious when in barges an unexpected fourth man, a Welshman, saying:

“Oh I see so this is some kind of anti-Welsh little private club is it?”

The Englishman says “Noooooo, no, no, it’s really not like that at all, we were simply trying to rekindle the old …”

“OH JUST FORGET IT! I know what it’s really about you fascist bigots!”

In pour four women: an Englishwoman, a Scotswoman, an Irishwoman, and a Welshwoman; all demanding to know why there’s a tacit bias towards men in this joke.

They’re swiftly followed by eight furious disabled people; then sixteen British Indians, then sixteen British West Indians, then sixteen British Africans, then sixteen British Chinese; all with angry questions.

Several other lesser known denominations all turn up outside with banners protesting the writer’s narrow-minded ignorance.

The cacophony spills over into violence.

The blog owner calls the police who storm the blog with tear gas and make several arrests.

Inside the police van, the Englishman turns to the Scotsman and Irishman, rolls his eyes and says “It’s not like it used to be”.


4 thoughts on “Three men …

    1. Oh God bless you Mermaid!
      Thank you for the lovely feedback.

      (It’s only a matter of time until she spots the “DO NOT FEED THE DOUBT PUPPET!” sign on the grass outside my blog – try to keep her distracted till then)

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