A Case of Diarrhoea

One of Sable’s post’s reminded me of these old Viz Crap Jokes. For the uninitiated, Viz was a subversive rude comic that came about in the 80s – AFAIK anyway, it could  even be 70s, but  it was the 80s on my radar.

I used to sneak copies home and hide them from my Mum and Dad cos I knew I’d catch hell if they saw them. (I was 36 years old … he he he). I do remember being confronted by Mum one time when I was 13 and she found a copy I’d stupidly left on the side. The litany of swear words and cock drawings didn’t jibe well with the family’s religious aspirations at the time.

So, along with packs of Devil Bangers that me and my friend would go round throwing on the pavement like a poor man’s firecrackers, Viz was a guilty pleasure.

My favourite parts were not the cartoons like most people, but the Top Tips and the Crap Jokes. Here’s one that stood out – there were a series of doctor jokes, daft plays on words that got more and more tenuous and, well, crap. This was my personal favourite:




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