Ghost 3

Well well well, I’ve just been inundated by demands for a third Ghost post.  I said no, but the mob started getting angry. A brick came through my window. Tied to it was a note saying “do a third Ghost post or else!”.

Never let it be said I cannot interpret the subtle whims of the people.

So here by popular demand is a third Ghost post.

This time, I’d like you to travel back in time with me to 1990 … … …

A young handsome hulk of a man stands naked in a dilapidated shower in a student hall of residence in Manchester. The water’s cold, but he’s showering anyway, because he’s awesome.

To carry him through the pain barrier, he’s belting out the following song, likely off-key since dogs are hurling themselves in front of oncoming cars outside.

I give you Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers.


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