I loved the film Inception from the moment I laid eyes on the trailer and it actually got me to get off my arse and go to the cinema for the first time in ages. Loved every square inch of it too.

In the film a team of dream spies hijack people’s dreams to steal secrets or implant ideas. Whoever is supervising the sleepers plays Je ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf at some point to warn them a wake up call is imminent.

Some time after seeing it, I read an article about how the soundtrack was essentially a series of pieces based on Je ne Regrette Rien slowed down to varying degrees; thus reflecting the relative slowdown between the different dream states in the film. I thought that was a clever device for a score.

Time – Hans Zimmer:

My ears are exhausted now you’ll be glad to hear. Here endeth today’s lesson.

Peace be with you.

(seriously – when folks used to turn around to me in church and shake my hand, uttering those words, I genuinely thought they were saying “pleased to meet you” so I responded in kind)


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