SOS – Confuddled to Fuckbuggery

Well as you all know(cut to confused looking tumbleweed picking its nose and looking over its shoulder), I recently removed the “Like” button from my blog.

I hoped this evasive action would serve to bust me out of the reciprocation/OCD black hole that had been gradually sucking me down it up until that point. Not in an ungrateful asshole sense(cut to tumbleweed raising his eyebrows and smirking)(oh fuck you tumbleweed anyway!). No, but in the sense that I am prone to addiction/OCD and have issues with reading/comprehension which, combined with the considerable pressure I’m under at the moment, mean I just cannot justify the time writing the posts and doing all the reading on top. I just can’t do it all. By all rights I shouldn’t even be writing the damn posts, but it’s kind of become my own private journal of insanity and a convenient place to stash poems, so I can’t help it(cut to tumbleweed putting a shotgun to my head and asking “can ya help it now? WELL PUNK – CAN YA!???”)(cut to dismembered tumbleweed, on fire in the gutter)

Anyway, suffice to say I reluctantly pulled the plug on the like button to try to limit the reciprocation hit and I’m sorry about that – any damn way I justify it, it sounds shitty – I appreciate that. I guess I figured people would comment instead if they had anything to say about it but I’ve noticed people are very wary to do that, so I guess people like the like button.

Anyway, on my bizarre travels I came upon a page(errrr not that way madam) which showed blog posts with stars next to them, apparently signifying the amount of likes the posts had. And lots of posts I had made since disbaling the like button had likes next to them.

The horror … the horror.

I am ROYALLY confused by this. Can I get a witness? Can somebody explain to me how a blog post can get a like if there’s no like button?

This witchery is doing my head in and I feel pretty awful if people have been somehow liking my posts and I’ve been oblivious to it and ignored it all. I can’t see any like button or likes under my posts. So is it just hidden for me? What would the point of that be? I can’t believe that’s the case.

So if anyone knows the answer to this riddle I would surely appreciate some edification here. Cos this is starting to mess with my head. I don’t really want to reactivate the like button for the reasons already put forward but I also don’t want to ignore people’s kind responses to my posts. So yeah, a whole lotta messificatin’ going’on.



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