Purge Overkill

Pray witness my confession,

I have things that I must share.

You give me the impression,

that you’re capable of care.


There’s monsters in my closet,

and it seems to be full up.

I left my last deposit,

in a Starbucks coffee cup.


Come listen to my horrors,

let me show you what I’m like.

I’ll give you twenty dollars,

for some ribbons for your bike.


I’ll tell you all the horrid

things I did that don’t sit right.

They corrugate my forehead,

and they keep me up at night.


They don’t match my idea,

of the man I need to be.

Relieve me of my fear,

and reveal the real me.


But if my stories bore you,

put my book back on the shelf,

In truth they were not for you,

I’m just talking to myself.


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