Dear God

Dear God.

Please keep the cancer and the bad things for the bastards.

Please make the bad drivers crash into each other.

Please arrange it so all the bullies and connivers go to school and work together

Please have all the loud attention seekers share the same train carriages and restaurants.

Please revisit nasty people’s cruelty upon them manifold.

Please let the abusers become the victims of worse abuse.

Please drown those who use lies as currency in a murky ocean of deceit.

Please shatter the hearts of the callous heartbreakers.

Please take everything from those who lord their belongings and achievements over others.

Please make the penis drop off of that arsehole who cut me off at the traffic lights earlier. And do all those other things above to him too. And make him smell of rotten fish for the rest of his life. And make his wife a bitch. And his children all evil. And make him tread in poo every single time he gets out of his stupid car.

If you do all that, I’ll be really good and everything.

Nice one God.

Speak to you next time I need stuff.




4 thoughts on “Dear God

    1. Ha ha ha – OK. I’m on great terms with him(her/it/squirrel) so just write it down and I’ll add it to my list of insane demands and fax it to him. That’s right – squirrel still uses a fax apparently.


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