Lonely Island

I love these Lonely Island videos. They make me smile every time I watch them. And I’ve watched them a lot now!

Andy Samberg makes me laugh just looking at him, let alone when he says something funny.

Michael Bolton’s a hell of a good sport but Erin Brockovich is NOT a good look for him.

Oh, and a word to the wise: if you don’t like swearing, scatological humour and bestiality, you might want to give these a miss. Actually that’s all just in one of the videos. The other two are pretty tame in comparison. But for some reason I’m not telling you which video it’s in, so if you watch them it’ll be like playing Russian Roulette for the easily offended. Now that we’ve cleared that up, enjoy!:


Welcome to the real world jack ass! …


Nah – that aint me …


Not better! …


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