Cry Little Sister

One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach … all the damned vampires

What a film!

Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMahon, from The Lost Boys soundtrack:


2 thoughts on “Cry Little Sister

  1. I love this song so much I’ve got ’bout 4 different versions of it includin’ the instrumental karaoke version! I even asked Gerard McMann to release the proper instrumental version and he replied(!) and said he might do it (probably won’t I expect!)


    1. That’s so friggin cool when you contact someone like that and they reply. I wrote to Terrence MAlick asking if I could use a quote from his screenplay in my book. He’s ignored me so far but I live in hope. If he hasn’t replied by the end of the week Im cutting my ear off and Fedexing it to him. Worked for Van Gogh(pronounced goff not go!).
      I think you are the first person to reply to my crappy music recommendations. I did about a trillion of these posts . Everyone hated them but that just spurred me on all the more.


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