Don’t you just hate it when that happens #2

My memory for spellings is historically atrocious.

I often have to keep going back and checking the same word hundreds of times because the spelling won’t stick.

I thought I’d finally nailed segway after having trouble with it years ago. I just included it in a blog post and since the spell check’s not working today, I gave the post the once over. Just a the slightest nagging micro-feeling was needling me about segway so I went and checked …


It’s segue, not Segway, which is presumably a pun-based brand name for those crap skateboards with broom handles that old men and google staff ride round on.

This is so upsetting as I know I’ve fallen foul of that spelling a couple of times before and I thought I’d nailed it already. I guess there are just some words I will just never learn.

I wonder how many typos I made in this post. I’ll never know.


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