Another Brick in the Wall

The laddie reckons himself a poet!

I love and hate this song in equal measure. It’s hard-wired to some fairly primal fears and dislikes.

(But I love it really 😉 I was just saying all that to sound edgy(damn!))

There’s a really annoying aspect of this song for me. It holds a vital lesson/warning that the childhood me badly needed to hear and understand. Yet whenever I heard it as a child, which I did a lot, I hadn’t got a bloody clue what it was about. It just seemed to be a lot of grimy cockney schoolkids whining about walls against a scary backdrop of meat grinders and hammers. I guess I thought it was a general rant against school for no particular reason.

It was only when I was into my late twenties that the song’s real meaning started to dawn on me. I think some of us are incapable of assimilating such warnings without experiencing the bad thing first-hand. We have to make our own mistakes. More’s the pity.

Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd:


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