Shine On You Crazy Diamond

I’m not sure if this is my favourite Pink Floyd song but it’s right up there if not.

The intro is one of the best intros of all time. Sounds absolutely amazing on a car stereo.

There’s a sad poignancy in the lyrics and the singing as this song was a nod from the band to Syd Barret who’d had to leave the band years earlier due to severe mental health issues.

For some reason they split the song into two parts on the album, labelled “parts i-v” and “parts vi-ix”. I find that unnecessary and disturbing, a bit like tipping hairdressers. And I don’t mean that in the sense of cow-tipping – sneaking up on sleeping hairdressers and pushing them over helpless onto their sides. No, I mean giving them an extra bonus on top of their already extortionate prices. They should be paying us for all that holiday information for fuck’s sake!?

Hmm Pink Floyd suddenly seems like a great name for a hairdresser. But if he were a hairdresser, you just know I’d be saying it was a great name for a band, so you can’t win really. Good. I think we’ve all learned something here.

I dye cress.

So no farty parts – here’s Pink Floyd’s perfect 4 dimensional gem(!) of a song in its entirety:


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