37°2 le Matin

Watching 37°2 le Matin(Betty Blue) on our crappy little black and white portable TV when I was about 15 made a big impression on me. I fell instantly in lust with Béatrice Dalle and felt intimidated by Jean Hugues Anglade’s hairy exhibitionist plonker.

The story was enticing and disturbing, beautiful and ugly at once. I didn’t really get the madness angle back then, but I watched it again last Spring and it made much more sense. The supercharged swings and razorblade roundabouts of a broken mind.

I think it’s a great little film all round.

I loved the music so much it was one of the first CDs I ever bought.

Like most soundtracks it’s a hit and miss affair but there’s 3 pieces that I love …

From the 37°2 le Matin soundtrack by Gabriel Yared:

C’est Le Vent Betty:

Maudits Manèges:

Betty et Zorg:



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