Blog Jam

My life seems to be full of unexpected addictions and breaking things off jagged without anaesthetic. There’s never a good time for that is there. Yet sometimes it becomes necessary.

Anyway I’ve decided to put this blog on hold.


A lady in a hat shrieks, puts a gloved hand to her forehead and faints. Oh false alarm – she’s fainting about something else apparently. Still at least I have my loyal followers tumbleweed and crisp packet  … guys? GUYS? GUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!?!?

Ah well … rats, sinking ship. Whatcha gonna do.

It was only ever meant to be an experiment anyway but it got away from me. I could never really justify the time but I kidded myself it was good writing practice and somewhere to stash my poems. But then it became an unhealthy addiction like all these damn things do for me. And then there’s the whole reciprocation deal. Alas, I find it much easier to write than I do to read, so these reciprocation deals crucify me. I thought maybe taking the like button off might mitigate the problem. But no, people can still like the posts somehow. That’s been playing on my mind badly since I discovered that and I’ve developed a new checking compulsion. Grrrrrr.

If I didn’t have other responsibilities and priorities to attend to, I’d kick back and read and write on here all day with a clear conscience. But as it stands, the guilt is killing me.

I’ve enjoyed the heck out of writing on here too. I hardly get any feedback though, and that knocks my confidence a bit. So what’s the point. I can’t afford the time anyway so it’s a no brainer.

So I’m going to put it on hold. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back some time in future if I manage to unfuck my life. In which case you’ll be the first to know 😉

I’ll leave it open in case.

Thank you to all those who kindly liked my posts and left comments, especially when I wasn’t even liking back. I’m truly sorry about that. I’ve read some lovely writing here and amazing poems too. There’s so much talent out there, it makes me sad that people don’t get noticed when they might have something good to say. But such is life in a world of 7 billion people and rising, where everyone is given a microphone and pushed onto a crowded stage. Alas, fuckery is required to get yourself noticed. So don’t let a lack of feedback get you down people. You’re better than that. Write for yourselves, not for the plaudits (most hypocritical advice EVER alert!).

Thanks for the trip, and I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote last time I had to break off an unhealthy addiction at the root.

Bye folks! Long may you run …

Beginnings, Endings

brief befriendings,
catch the kisses that I’m sending.

Cling to things because they’re pretty,
clinging spoils them,
more’s the pity.

Cut the cord and drift away.
Will you make landfall? Who can say?
It’s hard to keep the doubt at bay,
but you can’t win if you don’t play.

Electric life,
the special part,
the place where all the fires start,
in cracks where habits fall apart.

brief befriendings,
catch the kisses that I’m sending.

It’s time to be, and stop pretending.



6 thoughts on “Blog Jam

  1. Thought I’d sneak a peak over here at you…
    and now I have…. and after only reading this one post, I’m left pondering…
    Are you my long lost brother/sister/cousin/twin flame or what??
    Some of what you describe here defines things I think and perspectives I hold that I truly didn’t think anyone else did or could.
    I like that… Super fucking cool!!
    I must browse further for confirmation or lack thereof 😊


    1. Ha ha – well that made my day. Just getting a comment in this place is like winning the lottery to be fair. (phew – I nearly said handjob in a convent but quickly realised it was politically incorrect so deleted it – that was close).
      Anyway I’m sure once you trawl through some of my old stuff, it’ll only be a matter of short time till you find something you hate. Cos I seem to be regular people-repellent here!

      But thank you very much for your kind comment fair Chloe Grace of the new world. It made me smile 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I prefer the description “handjob in a convent” . IMHO, as long as you’re not insulting or demeaning someone (and I just don’t think the nuns or priests around here will take personal offense ), I say life’s too fucking short for absolute political correctness 😂 be bold and descriptive… it’s refreshing !


    1. Ha ha – then you passed the test! Welcome to the inner sanctum. In a moment Morpheus will debrief you on how this is all a computer program.
      Nah, I’m not that outrageous really but I seem to be addicted to inappropriate humour like a Tourette’s moth or something. I just can’t help myself I’m afraid. But I’m not into anything that shits on anyone(who doesn’t deserve it anyway!).
      I don’t like to be told what I can and can’t say and it has some spectacularly strange results. I probably wouldn’t advise anyone to read any of my blog posts because the longer ones get a little strange sometimes. I scared myself. The poems are fairly harmless though. Well apart form Daytime and maybe a couple of others. Yup they’re all evil too. Damn.
      It’s nice to meet you Chloe Grace.

      Liked by 1 person

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