Phony dolled-up daytime trollops,

prostituted pouting haddocks,

touting sponsored make-up products,

fakers talking silly bollocks.


Meanwhile men of camp persuasions,

make outrageous affirmations,

orange hairless bleached caucaseans,

dancing for their clapping maidens.


Vapid men emasculated,

copy what the others hated,

wisdom badly imitated,

education’s over-rated.


Pushing pre-approved opinions,

onto housewives and their minions,

washing minds in measured millions,

opium for Branch Davidians.






7 thoughts on “Daytime

  1. Further Confirmation #1: I have been teased relentlessly in the near and distant past for utilizing the word “trollop “!!!!😳
    I’ve even had to provide the definition for a few in enlightened folks!


    1. Well this one is close to the bone for sure. I’ve had to sit with my mum recently(long story) and watch a lot of daytime TV. IT has driven me INSANE so this is about some of the characters on daytime TV. This horribly tarted up woman who promotes make up and shampoo in the adverts between her own programme(naff), the gayest man I’ve ever seen, acting even gayer than he is to make the other woman and her friends cheer and clap, this washed out husk of a man who just agrees with everything the other two say. It’s painful. So thats’ what spawned this one! Also the whole thing makes me feel like Im being sold a hatful of opinions which pisses me off. I wouldnt use trollop lightly – put it that way!!!

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