AHA! Blog audience! My nemesis!

Like a cheeky meerkat popping up and sticking my tongue out at you when you least expect it(tumbleweeds, abandoned groaning rusty playground, knackered gate swinging on its decrepit hinge, unimpressed crisp packet blowing on the half-arsed wind, starving devil cat who knew DAMN well I was talking to him looks over his shoulder to see who I was talking to – grrrrrr devil cat!), I’m back for a femto-second with a lil old quick and dirty poem I just scrawled for a sweet unexpected visitor; a kindred spirit who somehow managed to lift my head out of the open sewer of the last fortnight of my clown-ass life long enough to make me smile.

And god love you for that. Sorry I couldn’t spend longer on it.




Skin once soft now bark of oak,

contoured with the scars of war,

cracks where strength and spirit broke,

inside there are mountains more.


Beast of burden trudging on,

overwhelmed and underfed,

dreams and sweet delusion gone,

miles to go before my bed.


Hanging on and making do,

seeing to the others’ needs,

watching doubts and debts accrue,

cleaning clothes and picking weeds.


Water wheels and carousels,

round and round I chase my tail,

harbingers and poker tells,

spell grim outcomes out in brail.


Death march through a barren land,

no more if, but when it seems,

sunk by plots bad people planned,

scuttled by a thousand schemes.


Hanging on but unsure why,

too late now to find my feet,

maybe I’m afraid to die,

maybe things feel incomplete.


Unexpected, unawares,

someone takes me by the hand,

somebody who knows and cares,

someone apt to understand.


Even when your night’s too dark,

even when your god is dead,

still there’s hope you’ll catch a spark,

hope for happy things instead.


Bleeds the terror from the night,

knowing love can break despair,

knowing sparks can still ignite,

knowing there’s still good out there.




11 thoughts on “Sweetness

    1. Thank you Secret Poetess! I’m so glad you liked it.
      Addicted you say? (Hmmmmmmm maybe I could start charging her to read posts? Don’t tell her though, break it gently pretending you’re talking about something else)
      Hmmm so what about the BAFTAs eh? All those entertainers making great stuff(like blog posts) and charging modest amounts for people to hear it(or read it). I’m not in it for the money of course, but were I to be forced to put a price of admission on my blog posts, I fancy it might be, say, a Toblerone per post. Jus sayin
      (YES totally nailed it!)

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Well, ha ha, that’s what you would say isn’t it. Suddenly no-one’s got any Toblerones when it’s time to pay the piper.
          Ha , I should’ve seen that coming.
          It’s your lucky day though – I’m prepared to work with you here.
          I also take owls.
          I will take a snowy owl per blog post or an Eagle owl in my limited 3-for-one offer!
          NO TAWNIES THOUGH. They’re unruly and start to gang up on me if I’m not careful.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. HA yeah nice try with the pigeons – I must look like I was born yesterday! HA ha ha – I think NOT young lady!
              However the barn owls pique my interest.
              Are they domesticated?
              Do their heads spin round and do they say “Ter wit” and “ter woo” on a regular basis?

              Liked by 1 person

  1. Good to see you back on blogging duties, we kinda missed you. Cracking poem too, gave me all feels and that. I’ve already used this word in a comment today and I hate to repeat myself (seriously, it bugs me more than it should) but the imagery is really evocative. It takes me somewhere like all good writing should.


    1. Thanks a lot man. I shouldn’t really be posting at all until I’ve addressed certain other priorities in life. It goes against the tenets of my religious order. But occasionally .. it’s like … I don’t know … I just CAN’T HELP IT!!!
      And this lovely lady I met inspired me to do the last two posts.
      Thank you for your kind words about the poem my friend.
      Now I’m off to flagellate myself for my latest blogging transgressions.

      Bad Doubtpuppet, bad. Back on your tyre swing!


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