The Mock Chess Monster (sorry)


I lost a game of chess today.

I lost the same game yesterday.

It really feels like I can win,

but then the fun and games begin.


My foe is trained in arcane arts,

manipulating minds and hearts,

he lets you think you stand a chance,

then leads you on a merry dance.


The squares distort and colours change,

the knights and rooks all rearrange,

the rules get wrestled out of whack,

my king dies from a heart attack.


It doesn’t matter how I play,

I end up losing anyway.

He taints the game so he can’t lose,

he paints my brain in blacks and blues.


I’ve had enough of guilt and blame,

I need to find another game.

It’s harmful to my mental health,

to lose at chess against myself.





p.s. I’m not sorry really. I’m proud.


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