Meat Puppets – Lake of Fire

I love the poetry these guys wrote, and the unabashed rawness of the way they put it down in the studio.

Proper rock n roll.

Sadly their legacy is “Bwehhh, Nirvana sung it better”.

In fairness I’d likely never have heard of The Meat Puppets if it weren’t for Nirvana, but ideally, I’d like to be seen to be a lot cooler than that, so please do me a favour, and fix your eyes on this:


1, 2, 3, … you’re feeling very sleepy … 4, 5, 6, … your eyelids are feeling veeeeery heavy … 7, 8, 9, …  don’t fight it child – drift away cradled inside the loving arms of Overlord Doubtpuppet  … 10

THAT’S RIGHT – you are now my voodoo slave you gullible fool!. I command you to rob all of the banks in your neighbourhood using a banana inside a sock. Then report back to me with the loot at dawn. If you see lots of people with bananas in socks on the driveway, don’t panic, just form an orderly queue behind them and make small talk until I get there. If the filth turns up and asks what the hell’s going on, tell them you are itinerant banana pickers and the money bags are full of bananas. They won’t suspect a thing. Police are inherently afraid of bananas.

Well they might be anyway. I’m sure I heard that somewhere. No, wait, no, it was a dream. Try it anyway, see what happens.

Oh yeah – and you did NOT read that thing up there that made me look uncool. You think I’m the coolest and you go round telling everyone that I found all the bands first. You think everyone else smells compared to me.

Now I’m going to make a baby cat sound and after you hear it you will awaken from your deep sleep, and you will wash your face like a cat, by licking your hands and smearing them all over your face repeatedly. JUST DO WHAT I SAY!

…. mieeeuuwww

So yeah, as I was saying I found the Meat Puppets back in 1923 and I instantly knew they were cool. And that’s how I saved the Eiffel Tower. True Story.

Tip your hat for the original:


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