Prevailing Wisdom

I read the morning news and I despair,

an overseas dictator we are told,

the contradictions knock me off my chair,

their tactics are as shabby as they’re old.


The worst is that enough of us agree,

and fall in line behind their latest scheme,

to meddle in affairs across the sea,

to oust an inconvenient regime.


How can it be we still can’t spot the lies?

We’ve seen it all repeat so many times,

but still they pull the wool over our eyes,

and implicate us in their latest crimes.


I guess they had our measure all along,

we’re not that hard to fathom I suppose,

afraid of hearing others say we’re wrong,

we follow where prevailing wisdom blows.




4 thoughts on “Prevailing Wisdom

    1. Oh thank you very much Secret Poetess.
      I’m afraid all I can see when I look at it is one glaring error in metre! I’ll wait till no-one’s looking and correct it. Mind you then I’ll see more. I think I might start painting instead. Or making jewellery.
      Yes jewellery – that’s settled then.
      Good talk. Let’s do it again some time.
      Perhaps over a candle lit dinner?
      I’ll have my agent call your agent and make the arrangements.

      Liked by 1 person

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