Golden Brown

I’ve never done heroin, and I’d like to think that’s to my credit. However, when I listen to the song I’m about to share with you, I have to wonder what forbidden pleasures I’m missing out on.

Alas, there’s a hidden quality to this square universe I find myself marooned in, whereby anything remotely enjoyable gives you cancer or makes pandas’ balls drop off.  True to that correlation, I’ve heard tell that heroin is a tad moreish, and leads to a downward spiral into wanton self-destruction and degradation, the likes of which only Courtney Love and William Shatner have experienced.

So if my blog embargo tenacity is anything to go by it’s probably not a good idea. One nano-sniff and I’d be sprinting down Edinburgh High Street to Iggy Pop, reciting a “Choose life …” narrative, while being pursued by pasty gnashing security guards.

So for now I’ll just have to use my imagination and let the song take me there instead. Here’s Golden Brown by The Stranglers:


3 thoughts on “Golden Brown

    1. Ooh I’d give chocolate a go for sure. I think I’ve already reduced my blood to 75% chocolate content during my more questionable binges. I have to avoid chocolate, whisky, and quiz machines for this reason. If I like it I go bonkers.
      OK maybe my Shatner invocation was uncalled for there. Low hanging fruit. I’ve betrayed the 10 year old Star Trek fan in me. (let me out, let me ouuuut!)

      Sheesh, I feel like that 6 times before breakfast. The big drama queen!

      OK swap Shatner for Shane McGowan.

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